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How to bake cakes without oven and microwave

How to bake cake without oven and microwave.

Hi friends, today in my post I am going to give the answer of your question "how to bake cake without oven and microwave". I am pretty sure that after reading my blog you will get the perfect answer of your question. It's very simple to bake a cake without oven and microwave if you know perfectly the process and basic techniques of baking without oven and microwave. I have posted lots of cake recipe such as Black forest cake,Eggless rainbow cake,eggless moist orange cake in my website which I have baked without oven and microwave. I baked these cakes either in dhokla maker or bhagona. Below I am giving you the list of things you will need -
  1. Two burner gas stove
  2. 1 big open mouth cooking pot of aluminium or steel like - Dhokla maker, Big bhagona or  aluminium kadhai.  
  3. 1 small plate if using cooking pot other then dhokla maker.
  4. 1 steel or aluminium flat, thick bottom and big open mouth bowl. You can use sweet boxes as a cake mould also.
Now it's time to explain process. 
  •  At first place big burner stand of your gas stove upon small burner stand of your gas stove.
big burner stand upon small burner stand.


  •  Now put your your cooking pot in which you want to bake cake upon small burner ant turn on flame. Pre heat your cooking pot for 5 minutes on high flame.
    Dhokla stand being pre heated on high flame.
  • I use my old and useless aluminium sauce pan as a cake mould.
    my old useless aluminium sauce pan.
  • If you are using dhokla maker then place your cake batter filled mould upon stand present in dhokla maker else place plate upside down in the middle of cooking pot.
    plate upside down in the center of big bhagona.
    dhokla stand inside dhokla maker.
  • Now cover the cooking pot with it's lid and bake your cake for 35 to 40 minutes or till inserted knife comes out clean on low flame.

    cake is getting baked.

TIPS -:)

  1. If your cake recipe is saying to bake cake for 35 to 40 minutes in oven or microwave then you bake your cake also for 35 to 40 minutes.
  2. If your cake is getting brown from top then cover it loosely with aluminium foil paper only after 25 minutes never before it else you will spoil your cake.
  3. If you are using steel pot for baking or as a mould then it would take a little bit less time to bake your cake.
    To know more about baking cake without oven and microwave you can see my cake recipes on my website My  cake recipes are -:)

Eggless rainbow cake baked in dhokla stand
 Black forest cake baked in big bhagona.

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